The Hightracker class for Swords and Wizardry

The Hightracker is the mundane answer to the Ranger presented in Swords and Wizardry complete. The Hightracker makes his livelihood in the wild places of the world. Not content to work his way up the career ladder in civilized society, the Hightracker makes his way through hunting, gathering, prospecting, and even chasing the occasional bounty. Once a Hightracker has dedicated himself to a target he will travel high and low in its pursuit, be that a fox, a rabbit, a wanted man, or a monstrous horde.

Though not a master of the battlefield, the Hightracker is an accomplished fighter, but a practical one. A Hightracker only rarely makes use of a sword, and when he does it is still likely accompanied by something with more day to day practicality. Weapons which can double as prods or walking sticks are common (long handled axes, pole arms, or a loaded shillelagh for instance), but so too are large angled Kopis like blades. Always a Hightracker will be armed with a ranged weapon suitable for hunting.  A Hightracker never wears heavy armor that slows him down, but instead relies on his whits, resiliency, and speed to survive (2hd at 1st level).

Prime Attribute: Strength, 13+ (+5% experience bonus)
Hit Dice: 1d8+1 at first level, 1d8/level till 9th, 2hp/level thereafter.
Armor/Shield Permitted: Shield permitted, Leather armor only.
Weapons Permitted: Any.
Race: Only humans may be Hightrackers.

Hightracker Class Abilities

Tracking: I simplify the tracking rules from S&W Complete to use a D10 since all percentiles are given in multiples of ten. An unexperienced tracker has a base tracking number of 4, a skilled tracker starts with 7, a Hightracker starts with 9. 1 is subtracted to this score for the age of the trail in days, the number of days its rained since it was laid, and so on. The use of skilled hunting animals can add from +1 to +3 depending on the quality of the animal (Doubled for the Hightracker).

Animal Training: The Hightracker is adept in the training and usage of most domesticated animals used as mounts or used for hunting. A Hightracker gets twice the stated bonus when using hunting animals to assist him in tracking, and such animals get a +1 to any morale check made when the Hightracker is present.

Hunter: The Hightracker gets a +1 to-hit and a +1 to damage when using a ranged weapon or against common game. He also receives this bonus against a single humanoid (Including humans and demi-humans) race to represent familiarity with the competition on the frontier.

Hunting Lodge (9th): At ninth level the Hightracker will be given leave by the local lord to build a hunting lodge, This lodge will attract a body of Hunters, Trackers, and Fighters, the Hightracker will be made to be responsible for the surrounding woodland and its inhabitants. In exchange for this he will receive tribute and taxes from the rural farmers and woodsmen.

Level Hit Dice (D8) XP Savings Throw Tracking Bonus
1 2 0 14 0
2 3 2,000 13 1
3 4 4,000 12 1
4 5 8,000 11 2
5 6 16,000 10 2
6 7 32,000 9 3
7 8 64,000 8 3
8 9 128,000 7 4
9 10 250,000 6 4
10 10+2hp 350,000 5 4
11 10+4hp 450,000 4 5
12 10+6hp 550,000 4 5
13 10+8hp 650,000 4 5
14 10+10hp 750,000 4 5
15 10+12hp 850,000 4 6
16 10+14hp 950,000 4 6
17 10+16hp 1,050,000 4 6
18 10+18hp 1,150,000 4 6
19 10+20hp 1,250,000 4 6
20 10+22hp 1,350,000 4 6
21+ +2hp/level +100,000/level 4 6

hit die is the total at that level, soa 17th level Hightracker has 10D8+16HP Total

Tracking bonus is not cumulative, a 17th level hightracker has a tracking bonus of 6