Half-Dragons in Labyrinth Lord

I’ve never really liked the dragonborn as a core race in Dungeons and Dragons. Dragonborn are just an attempt to provide a cut down race of dragons that are playable, the problem is that D&D has had that already for ages. D&D is full of playable Dragon-ish races which could have been statted up for play. Half-dragons, Dray, and Wooddrakes, were already playable in AD&D. If you really wanted strait up dragon-people, you could also have easily just statted up Dragonlance Draconians and had something way more interesting. Anyway, since I love me some council of wyrms, and since in Labyrinth Lord Gold Dragons are the only metallic dragons in town, I statted up a Council of Wyrms based Gold Half-Dragon Race-Class…

Half Gold Dragons

Requirements: Str 9 Dex 9

Prime Requisite: Str

Hit Dice: 1d6

Maximum Level: 9

Of all dragonkind only the Lawful Gold dragons find themselves drawn to take on the guise of humanity, and demi-humanity. When male gold dragons choose to mate with humans (or demi-humans) the result is the birth of a half-dragon. No matter the mothers race, her child will grow tall, lithe, and reptilian. A half dragon has a basically slender humanoid form, with lithe claw-tipped limbs, and a drawn out reptilian face. Half dragon faces have but a trace of a nose, and serpent like slit eyes. Half dragons have golden skin, eyes, and hair.

A Half-Dragons claws do 1D4 damage, and they gain two attacks when only striking out with their claws. A half-dragon may also use a breath weapon, such is a spray of fire, doing 2D6 damage, but only usable once per day.

At 1st level a Half-Dragon gains the ability to speak with animals

At 2nd level a Half-Dragon gains the ability to breath water

At 4th level a Half-Dragon gains the ability to detect lie twice per day

At 6th level a Half-Dragon gains immunity to fire

In addition a Half-Dragon gains the ability to awe lesser draconic and reptilian species, which translates into a +1 to any charisma based check when dealing with dragon-like or reptile-like species. Moreover Half-Dragons can inherently speak the language of their fathers, gaining Draconic (gold) for free.

Half Gold Dragons use the same progression table as Dwarves in Labyrinth Lord

At 9th Level: Once attaining 9th level a Half Gold Dragon may establish a Stronghold or keep. So long as the Half Gold Dragon has made a name for himself as a keeper of Law and a man/woman of virtue, s/he mah buy or build a keep. Once the stronghold is established his reputation will attract 1d4 young Gold Dragons, and 1D10 first level fighters. The dragons will serve, despite considering themselves the betters, but the Fighters will be absolutely loyal devotees to the half dragon, and to the dragon god.