Ep. 02 – #iHunt Review


Introduction – 00:00

Welcome to episode 02!

I start off by declaring my unabashed love for blaseball, an online baseball simulator. Its absurdist, and weird, and fast paced, and just wonderful. It looks like they are taking a break to upgrade the system a bit and fix some bugs, but I look forward to its return. Stare Into the Sun!

I also discuss the Play By Mail games I’m planning. I’ve worked out a few things about the style of game I want to run, now I just have to prep the actual games. One idea is a Dracula style horror game where the players communicate as experts by correspondence, investigating a strange series of phenomenon. The other game I’d like to run is a Mindjammer adventure set in a heavily inhabited star system, in which players each take a ship and track down leads. If either of these interest you shoot me an email and I’ll start a list.


Saying No – 07:40

Failing forward is a very useful mechanic, just so long as you don’t use it to cover any sins. 


#iHunt Review – 14:55

I give an almost entirely positive review of the #iHunt RPG from Olivia Hill. Its a game of Millenial Horror, literally horror involving Millenials, Its like Ghostbusters if they were working themselves to exhaustion in the Gig economy. 


Wrapup – 27:55

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