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Reassessing my Efforts —

After podcasting for a few months I feel like I have a better handle on what I can do and what I want to do. My original plan was to do a family/parenting podcast about being a new father, and all the changes that brings I also started an OSR podcast which would focus solely on Old school D&D. And, when I felt like I’d gotten the hang of it, I’d do a Gardening/Horticulture podcast to talk about the field I’m currently studying to enter and share my lifetime of gardening experiences with others. Like all plans this one fell apart almost immediately.

When It came to my parenting podcast I felt like I’d be helping others by sharing my experiences and research as a parent. I was going to really dive in deep and provide information for other new fathers who might be terrified of whats happening in their life. None of this happened, instead the podcast became an excuse to complain into a microphone. My Girlfriend loved it because I shared alot more than I do day to day, but for anyone else I just felt there was no value being provided and I never felt like recording it.

My OSR Podcast,, was pretty much a mess from the get go. I love Old School Dungeons and Dragons, B/X and AD&D are a couple of my all time favorite role playing games. But I always felt like I was scrounging for content and experimenting too much with format. I tried to commit to doing two podcasts a month, which turned out to be way too much for my paltry free time, and I have a lot of RPG concepts I want to talk about it but only about half fit into the category of the OSR.

So I’ll be implementing a new game plan going forward. TheOSRPodcast and HalfDeadDadCast are going on indefinite hiatus for now. In their stead I’m going to do a more general RPG and Gaming podcast over at CapheindPlays, I’m going to stop pretending I can be the paternal version of a Mommy Blogger and give up, and I”m going to finally start my gardening podcast up sometime between now and January. These two podcasts are going to just be monthly shows to spare my spare time so I can have extra time to bowl spares… I can’t stop saying spare. I’ve also started a discord channel for CapheindPlays, and a Facebook page. I suspect that my audience is currently non-existent, but on the off chance you have been listening I hope you’ll give the new shows a chance. I should have the first episode of CapheindPlays up by 11/07/2017.

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