I had a few hours to kill tonight and decided to get a few product reviews out there. When it comes to the sales platforms used by most RPGs (Itch, DTRPG, etc.,) reviews really help get their products seen, and so few buyers ever think to leave them. I decided to remedy this.

Each review was posted on Itch.io, which is problematic since I don’t know for sure that Itch has fully implemented reviews on their platform. As such I’ll include the text and a pic so they will at least be seen here. I would have done this on Drive Thru, but I didn’t actually buy these games on that platform, and it won’t let me leave one.

I picked these three specifically because I am followed by their creator on Twitter, and the games looked cool. There really wasn’t much else to my decision making process. So lets roll

Michtim https://grimogre.itch.io/michtim

If you grew up watching The Borrowers, The Smurfs, or Fraggle rock you get the basic premise of games like Michtim. You play as tiny hamster-like humanoids trying to survive out of site of the human race. The game uses a clever and easy to understand dice pool mechanic that lets you take risks on several levels to secure success. It also uses the current and usual mood of your PC in place of more traditional attributes and it feeds right into said clever dice mechanic, meaning you can lean into what your feeling about a given scene and the game really encourages that. The game also features a series of virtues you characters can try to live up to, which reminds me of the better Ultima games. Its something really different that is worth trying even if it isn’t your bag.

#iHunt https://machineage.itch.io/ihunt-the-rpg

Its Ghostbusters for Millennials. Instead of granddaddy Vankmans bank loans and brick and mortar your a gig economy Buffy the Vampire slayer trying to keep your health insurance paid and somewhere to sleep. Its a pretty basic Fate Core hack with a cathartic setting (at least for the target audience) and a brilliant “edge” mechanic that makes the monsters nearly impossible to beat in a fair fight, making the game largely about negating their advantage or working around it. 

Murke’s Peerage https://sealedlibrary.itch.io/murkes-peerage

A small collection of interesting player options for Troika! Wanna play a perspective obsessed spider philosopher, a gorilla made out of bread, or a working space biologist with scars from the last colossal star goat they tangled with? what are you thinking of course you do.