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SRD List

Welcome to Capheinds Big Bad List of Roleplaying System Reference Documents, a gateway to open rule systems in a handy hyperlinked format. If you know of any I haven’t yet listed please let me know.


Wizards of the Coasts Revised (v 3.5) D20 System Reference Document
The Hypertext D20 SRD (D&D 3rd and 5th Ed)
D20 Pathfinder RPG SRD
D20 Modern SRD
D20 Heros SRD (Mutants and Masterminds)


Swords and Wizardry SRD
The Traveller SRD

Basic Role Playing

Renaissance SRD


Fudge SRD (Mirror)
Mudge, Mook’s Fudge (Hypertext rules, not specifically an SRD)
Jazz SRD
Icons SRD
Fate Roleplaying Game SRD (Core, Accelerated Edition, and Toolkit)
Diaspora SRD

AGE System

13th Age SRD
The Archmage Engine SRD


Bulletproof Blues
OpenD6 SRD
Dungeon World SRD